Deborah Buck

Black Velvet

Sept 13 – Nov 24, 2024

Opening Reception:

14. 9. 2024 | 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Cavana al Gestate

Dorsoduro 919

30123 Venice, Italy

BLACK VELVET is a solo exhibition by Deborah Buck, a collateral program, concurrently on view during the 60th International Art Exhibition, Biennale  Arte 2024:  Foreigners Everywhere and  Homo Faber 2024: The Journey of Life in Venice.  BLACK VELVET delves into themes of self-effacement and relational depth, delivering paintings of vibrant body politics with covert satire. Buck’s earlier works from the 1980s, featuring dead brides, beauty queens, opera singers, society mavens, and men painted over with blonde hair, red lipstick, false eyelashes, and pearls, are her thought-provoking attempts to question the status quo notions of feminine beauty. The 2020s bring paintings accompanied by titles that endow the works with layers of meaning and humor, philosophical and societal.  Buck’s way of injecting herself into an unwelcoming female artist environment and overcoming rough patches as a female artist is a testament to her intellectual resilience. Her art lures the viewers to tell a bigger story than at first glance. Each portrait contributes to this narrative, the caricature of sarcastic statements of exaggerating attributes and flaws.  BLACK VELVET compels and advocates discourse on femininity and identity, challenging norms using raw sincerity and playful aesthetics that seemingly merge cartooning and abstraction.

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