The New Yorker, Nov.6, 2006, p. 25

“CAGE NAM JUNE: A Multimedia Friendship”


Once, when asked what he would most miss if he dies, John Cage replied, “The conversation with Nam June Paik.” The two met in 1958 at a composers’ festival in Germany and instantly disliked each other’s music, but skepticism grew into a challenging and fertile friendship that lasted thirty-five years. Works by both are presented, including some lovely, simple prints made with aquatint and smoke by Cage and a short video interview with Paik, in which he reminisces about an infamous action in which he interrupted a performance by cutting Cage’s necktie in half.

Through Nov. 3. (ZONE: Chelsea Center for the Arts, 601 W. 26thSt. 212 255 2177.)




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