Group exhibition of New York University (NYU) art department students.


As the freshman class of 9/11, these students watched the Trade Center fall from the windows of their classrooms. Now, as they move into a marketplace which has developed an appetite for spontaneity, the authenticity of youth poses a new set of complications.


For this generation, the certainty of earlier decades is not an option. In a performance which symbolizes the theme of the show itself, Michael Miritello will walk to the gallery opening from his parent’s home on Long Island, the fourteen hour journey symbolizes the arduose path for young artists, from the comforts and stability of home and academia to the fiercely competitive realm of the New York Art World.? Miritello knows precisely where he wants to go, however he chooses in this act of defiance and social sculpture not to take any shortcuts.? A desk will be awaiting him at the opening reception whereupon arrival he will place his artist statement, take a seat and well deserved rest, and celebrate with his peers the fruits of their academic journey. Understanding that much work is yet to be done.?


This exhibition is a coming of age story, acceptance that this group is only but a swell amongst many waves of talent flowing through a vast ocean that is the international field of contemporary art, at least f’now.


Curated by James Fuentes

April 21 – May 5, 2005


Opening reception

6-8pm, April 21, 2005


Artists in exhibition:

George Pfau

Amelia Saul

Claire Connolly

Anne Kyle   

Deborah Hay

Renee Rivas       

Margaret Ward

Tara Eisenberg            

Emily Tanner

James Woodward

Noura Al-Salem 

Charlotte Marra 

William Russ Maschmeyer 

Wing- Sze Ho  

Michael Miritello  

Candice Yu  

Christina Caputo

Dana Liebermann & Tim Libert

Gina Mauro

Timur Civan  

Robert LaColla

Masanori Sugiura   

Laura DePeters

Lauren C. Schwarz  

Paige Hinkle 

Andrew M. Croce 

Haley McCrory                  

Nicholas Vissichelli                     

Kirsten Schuck 

Ben Guttin

Jessica Stephen 

In 1998 James Fuentes founded the James Fuentes Gallery at 558 Broome Street in New York City among the artists who presented solo shows were; Cheyney Thompson, Stephen G. Rhodes, Lizzi Bougatsos, Amy Granat, William Stone and Sean Dack, other significant exhibitions at the gallery included Jonas Mekas’ This Side of Paradise(1999) and Open Space(1999-2000) a series of 45 solo exhibitions that took place in a three-month period. Significant independent exhibitions include: The South Bronx Story(2001) an exhibition which hypothesized that Fashion Modawas a precursor to New York’s East Village movement;The United States of America vs. Alfredo Martinez (2003) prison work by an artist incarcerated in federal jail for forging the work and provenance of Jean Michel-Basquiat; and a series of solo and group exhibitions that inaugurated Gavin Brown’s enterprise at Passerby (2004). Jonas Mekas’ Farewell to Soho (GBE Passerby, 2004) was consequently included in Diary Filmby Liutauras Psibilskis and Magnus af Petersen at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm and Göteborg Konsthall, Sweden. Fuentes is the co-creator and co-executive producer of Jeffrey Deitch’s Artstar, an eight episode television series that broadcasted in June, 2006. He has been a member of the New Art Dealers Alliancesince 2003. Fuentes was Director at Lombard-Freid Fine Arts, New York in 2004 and in 2005 served as Director at Deitch Projects, New York. James Fuentes was born in New York City in 1977 and graduated from Bard College in 1998.

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