ZONE: CONTEMPORARY ART is proud to present Pasha Radetzki in his first solo exhibition in New York. The exhibition showcases installation, sculpture, paintings, and drawings accompanied by sound. The concept of trans-space is manifest in the works on view and drawing on the artist’s childhood memories and heritage.


Crossed House is an interactive environment where a large-scale sculpture Cross cuts through a house. Viewers are invited to pass through the cross embodying themselves in the regeneration process of the site’s four cardinal directions. The installation adopts the Slavic nesting Doll within the Doll, Matryoshka construction tradition to present the house in all its dimensions, expanded and interconnected. This confirms the artist’s notion of “socium”: the micro-macro form coexists and interrelates, as there are multiple houses built in the space of one.


From the Republic of Belarus, the artist since 1999 has been based in New York. Pasha Radetzki has exhibited in Germany, Moscow, Spain, Mexico, South Korea and Taiwan. His works are included in the public and private collections of Exit Art, Moscow House of Photography, Belarus Museum of National History, and Faro Disegni inRome. In 2002 he was a recipient of an international ArtsLink Projects Award for installation from CEC International Partners, New York. Numerous fieldwork projects have taken the artist to the tribal areas of Mynamar and Laos, the Amazon delta, the Himalayan western region, Andean Puna, and Western China. Pasha Radetzki’s art reviews have appeared in The Village Voiceand New York Arts Magazine.

Crossed House

A solo exhibition by Pasha Radetzki

March 5 – 28, 2009


Opening reception

6-8pm, Thursday March 12



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