Thank you for joining us for the Artist Talk with Brian Dailey yesterday! 

“Brian Dailey: Polytropos”, November 1 – December 15, 2018, Brian Dailey’s solo exhibition @BaahngGallery.

‘Brian Dailey’s artistic trajectory is as fascinating as it is curious. He started out not unlike many artists, with an MFA earned in 1975 from Otis Art Institute and then several years as a practicing artist in Los Angeles. However, his career took an intriguing turn when he decided to pursue a PhD in the fields of diplomatic history and weapons politics, completed at the University of Southern California in 1987.

Dailey went on to work in the Pentagon’s office of chemical warfare negotiations, to teach as an Adjunct Professor of National Security Affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School, then work as a Professional Staff Member of Senate Armed Services Committee. He then served as Executive Secretary of the National Space Council in the White House before moving to the private sector as a Senior Vice President and Corporate Officer of Lockheed Martin.

“Many people tell me that I should have stayed in art,” says Dailey. “Yet what I observed and learned during this experience was unique, especially for an artist. I saw geopolitics from the inside and experienced it on the playing field. I consider that period, in arms control, in the government, even in the corporate world, my greatest performance piece.”’

Excerpt from “GEOPOLITICAL PERFORMANCE, DC-Based Artist Brian Dailey Confronts the Overlaps Between Art and Politics After a Career Working in Government and Tech” by Juliana Biondo,, October 17th, 2018

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