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America: Ideomerica and the Terminal Century

A Discussion with R.C. Baker and Sharon Butler

Saturday, February 18, 2PM at Jennifer Baahng Gallery

On Saturday, February 18, 2023, at 2 PM, gallery artists R.C. Baker and Sharon Butler will delve into the ways their work grapples with today’s digital miasma, as well as what culture critic Greil Marcus famously termed “the old, weird, America.” In Butler’s “Idiomerica” series, painted pixels collide with inkjet prints of household tools, layered images that conjure the capitalist sprawl of the suburbs. In his series “The Terminal Century,” Baker’s psychedelically bright, painted collages imagine how the Blues and the Bomb bookended history’s most — at least, so far — violent century.

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Conjunctions, Addenda, Commutations

A Conversation with Raphael Rubinstein and Sharon Butler

Saturday, October 8, at 2PM at Jennifer Baahng Gallery

On October 8, 2022, noted poet and art critic Raphael Rubinstein sat down with gallery artist Sharon Butler to discuss “Next Moves” (Sept 15 – Nov 15, 2022) , Sharon Butler’s latest solo exhibition at JENNIFER BAAHNG. In this BAAHNG SPOTLIGHT, Rubinstein and Butler discuss Butler’s subtle explorations of painting vernacular, in particular, her use of digital sketches as the ground for a recent series of luminous, gridded works. Raphael Rubinstein is a professor of Critical Studies at the University of Houston School of Art.

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Wings of Desire

An Interview with Jaye Moon by Hyewon Yi

April 30, at 5PM at Jennifer Baahng Gallery

On April 30, 2022, in conjunction with the opening of gallery artist Jaye Moon’s solo exhibition “Wings of Desire” (March 25 – April 27, 2022), the artist was interviewed by Hyewon Yi, the Director of the Amelie A. Wallace Gallery at SUNY Westbury. The conversation between Yi and Moon covers Moon’s career trajectory from her days as an art student in Korea to her recent practice, which focuses on visual communication with particular references to film. “Wings of Desire” featured Moon’s ongoing body of conceptual work that utilizes a numerical system and the colors of Legos within the binary logic of Braille.

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Necessary Memories

A Conversation with Marion K. Maneker and Janet Taylor Pickett

Tuesday, September 14, at 5PM at Jennifer Baahng Gallery

On September 14th, 2021, ARTnews President and Editorial Director Marion K. Maneker joined artist Janet Taylor Pickett for a discussion of “Necessary Memories” (Sept 14 – Nov 20, 2021),      her solo exhibition at JENNIFER BAAHNG. The show chronicles Taylor Pickett’s journey as an artist, showcasing selected works from the 1980’s through 2021. In their conversation, Maneker and Taylor Pickett discuss how Blackness functions as what Taylor Pickett calls a “declarative statement” in her work, and the role that history and narrative play in her practice. Born in Ann Arbor Michigan, Taylor Pickett is a mixed media artist whose work is inspired by her life experience as an African American woman.




Screenings honoring Mexican independent cinema
December 7 - 9, 2006
CAGE NAM JUNE: A Multimedia Friendship, Panel Discussion in Paris

CAGE NAM JUNE: Panel In New York

George Quasha, Jackie Matisse, Charles Stein, Gary Hill, Molly Davies, Tom Johnson
October 28, 2006
CAGE NAM JUNE: A Multimedia Friendship, New York Panel Discussion

CAGE NAM JUNE: A Multimedia Friendship Panel Discussion

Kenneth Silverman, Alison Knowles, Joan La Barbara, David Vaughn, Willam S. Wilson
October 19, 2006
Yooah Park, installation view

Yooah Park: “Writing in the Void”

at The Central House of Artists Museum, Moscow & Center for Architecture and Design, Mexico City
June 28 - July 3, 2006 and August 10 - September 4, 2006