At the Art Taipei’s invitation for their 2008 Year Project, “Art & Tech – Wandering”, ZONE: Chelsea Center for the Arts presented Gary Hill’s “Remembering Paralinguay” and Nam June Paik’s “Beuys Voice” for the special exhibition during Art Taipei 2008.


George Quasha and Gary Hill gave lecture and Q&A on August 30, 2008 titled “Language Beyond Its Own Limits”


Nam June Paik

Beuys Voice


265 x 188 x 95 cm


Gary Hill

Remembering Paralinguay


Single-channel video/sound installation
Video projector and mount, four amplified speakers, DVD player and one DVD (black-and-white; sound)
Performer:  Paulina Wallenberg-Olsson
Dimensions variable
Photo: Courtesy Donald Young Gallery, Chicago

Art Taipei 2008

August 29 – September 2, 2008

Taipei World Trade Center, Taipei


Gary Hill, Language Willing

Gary Hill


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